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General Information:

Women’s rehabilitation association was founded on June 16th 2008 on the bases of obstetric-gynecological rehabilitation center “Venus Georgia.” (www.venusgeorgia.ge) From the day it was founded, association has been working on scientific and educational programs. Association hosts training sessions for doctors and women at the reproductive age on the issues, concerning their reproductive health.

Association has finalized three scientific reports:

  1. Post abortion care
  2. Care  after surgical treatment of extra-uterine pregnancy
  3. Stillbirth: reality and challenges in Georgia

In 2012 Women’s rehabilitation association took part in a competition hosted by Ministry of health, social protection and labor of Georgia, which was involved in setting guidelines in different medical spheres. Association drafted a guideline “Post abortion care”, which has been approved.

In 2012 Women’s rehabilitation association piloted a project “Healthy family, healthy pregnant woman, healthy child” which was financed by obstetric-gynecological rehabilitation center “Venus Georgia” and

“ Open Society Georgia Foundation”

Project “Healthy family, healthy pregnant woman, healthy child” has been involved in several activities:

On September 29th 2012 in Tbilisi, Hotel “Courtyard Marriot” first international conference was conducted by the association. It was attended by doctors of different specialties from Tbilisi and other regions of the country, as well as invited guests from Russia, Norway and Armenia. Several organizations, such as International Women’s Association of Georgia, Non-Governmental organization “New People Generation” and members of ministry of public health took part in the conference.

The association has carried out several training sessions:

  • Woman’s reproductive health
  • Post abortion care
  • Sexually-transmitted diseases
  • Physical and psychological preparation for pregnancy
  • Newborn and caesarean section
  • Care after surgical treatment of extra-uterine pregnancy
  • Hepatitis and pregnancy

Training sessions were attended by: 300 students, 200 doctors of different specialties, 200 women of reproductive age and members of organizations, such as Ministry of Justice of Georgia, non-governmental organization “National Network Against Violence”, members of US embassy, former condemned women and their family members. Participants of the training sessions received information booklets.

From 2013 Women’s Rehabilitation Association became a member of “International stillbirth alliance”.

Women’s rehabilitation association carried out a project  “healthy posterity-strong society” and conducted a multicenter prospective scientific research on the topic of ”Prevention and rehabilitation after stillbirth”.

The aim of the research was to collect data on rates and causes of stillbirths in Georgia from 2008 till 2013 years, to identify problems present in this field and prioritize actions which need to be taken in order to provide optimal care and evidence-based interventions for prevention and reduction of stillbirth.

Purpose of the project was to contribute to improvement of demographic data by decreasing cases of stillbirth with the help of evidence-based prevention methods and with rehabilitation procedures.

Several activities and events took place from 2014 to 2016:

  • II International Conference of Women's Rehabilitation Association
  • Training sessions for medical personnel on the topic of “ Care after perinatal loss”
  • Trainings for parents, who have suffered from perinatal loss on the topic of “ prevention and rehabilitation of women after stillbirth”
  • Training for students from medical universities, for doctor-residents and women of reproductive age on the topic of “ Stillbirth ”

In 2017 the association continued the training cycle for doctors, which concentrated on the following topics:

- Prevention of stillbirth

- The role of preconception consultation and antenatal care in improving the outcome of pregnancy

In 2018 Women's Rehabilitation Association renewed the scientific research "Stillbirth: reality and challenges in Georgia", which includes data from 2014 to 2017.

The members of the association participated in the annual conference and workshop led by International Stillbirth Alliance, which was held in Glasgow, Scotland.


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