Important for women at a reproductive age Sunday, 12 January 2014 11:07

Are you pregnant?

There are symptoms, which have to be paid attention to.

1.Questionable signs: changes in taste-receptors, intensified feeling of thirst, feeling sick, throwing up, weakness, sleepiness and aggravated urination.

2. Authentic signs: inconstant, irregular menstrual flow

Proof of pregnancy can be ratified two weeks after expected menstrual flow, with biological analysis of the urine, in order to find out if a woman is pregnant. It is better to conduct an analysis by relying on urine taken in the morning. It is also possible, for women to take a pregnancy test, which is sold in shops or take the urine to the laboratory to get it checked. A better option would be to investigate the amount of HCG in blood/serum, which can help one to prove if a woman is pregnant. Pregnancy can also be checked by ultrasound in first 3-4 weeks.